Uncle Dave (Will's Brother)

This is Uncle Dave aka Unc.  He is in love with Haley.  Tells all his friends about her and always show her pictures off.  They have had a few visits, the most recent was in Maryland for "Grumpy's" 60Th B-Day.  Uncle Dave lives in Baltimore, MD and we hope to see him soon.

Uncle Nathaniel (Christen's Brother)

Uncle Nathaniel has only been able to visit with Haley once last February, but we are hoping to see him again in San Diego, CA in June.  At the moment he lives with his girlfriend Annika in San Diego, but they are planning to move this summer to Northern California. 

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Dayna (Christen's Brother and SIL)

This is Uncle Ryan and Aunt Dayna, we just had a visit with them for Easter.  It was their first visit with Haley and we had a good time.  They were living in Savannah, GA, but last week they moved to Port Angeles, WA.  Not sure when we will get to have a visit, but hopefully soon.