Christen, Will, Haley and Dixie 
Our Little Family

Just wanted to give a little info on us.  Will and I have been together for 3 years.  We moved several times to a few states and January 8, 2008 we drove cross country from San Diego, CA to Wilmington, NC.  In miles that would be 2593.  We moved into a little 2br/1ba house with a screened in porch.  Everything was good, we were working and making friends.  Had BBQs on the weekends for football on Sundays.  SuperBowl Sunday came and went and then Wednesday Febuary 6th 2008 we found out we were pregnant.  We went to La Costa Mexican to celebrate, and then proceeded to call all family and friends.  We were excited and freaked out all at the same time.  My pregnancy went pretty well, and then I hit the 20 week mark and we found out we were having a girl.  We were so happy to know that she would be a girl, but at the same time I thought "what do you do with a girl?", I am not much of a girly girl, more of a no make-up, jeans and tennies kind of girl, but we knew when the time came we would figure it out.  No matter what she liked doing or wearing we would be her biggest supporters and fans.  At this time we got our puppy Dixie, you're probably thinking, "what were they thinking?  A puppy and a Baby?", but we are so thrilled to have her, she adds a lot of fun to this household.  We moved to a bigger house in September, since we just realized that the little house wasn't big enough.  Luckily our Landlord owned other properties and it worked out for us to move into a 3br/1 1/2ba with a large yard.  I actually got to put together a nursery and we have a spare room for visitors, which made the transition of being a couple to being a family much easier.  So then came 40 weeks preggo and no Haley yet, so we waited some more, and finally my Doctor said we would induce considering the growth scan showed Haley might be 9lbs 7oz., and she didn't want her to get any bigger.  Wednesday October 15th at 9pm I checked in to the Hospital.  They started me on Cervidil to help start the process, then morning came and at 9am my doc started the Pitocin to help encourage my contractions.  I contracted for 18 hours, no real progress and at 9am my doc set me up for a c-section.  Haley was born on October 17th 2008 at 9:03am at 9lbs 6oz and 21.5ins.  She was perfect, and we all came home 2 days later.  She was a bit jaundiced, so we had a few days of blood tests and uv lights, after a week that all went away.  We have had a great time this last 4 months, lots of visitors, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and even one of her Uncles.  In February we were fortunate enough to have my Dad get us a ticket to visit San Diego for a week and a half to visit the rest of my family and friends that live out there.  We had a blast, thanks again Dad!  And now we come to today.  We are a simple family, we like to hangout and read books, watch old cartoons and take lots of walks.  Lately we are just trying to stay warm, it has been quite a cold winter!  Can't wait for Spring!