The Jumperoo

Haley likes to spend upwards of 45 minutes in here.  She loves to talk to the frog and lady bug, which when you pull on it, makes music.  She jumps around and finds it amusing, it really seems to help with her hand/eye coordination. Two thumbs up for this one!

The Bumbo

Oh what can I say about the Bumbo except it is absolutely fabulous!  Haley has been sitting in it since she was 7 1/2 weeks old.  It helps teach her how to sit up straight.  She loves to sit in it and watch anything and everything around her.  It is truly a wonderful invention!

The Baby Carrier

We have two carriers, they are great, especially for me so I can be hands-free!  We like to take walks with them.  One park we go to is called Hugh McRae Park, they have a beautiful fountain.  Haley loves to watch the water, hopefully we have a water baby on our hands!  She also used one at Disneyland and The Zoo in San Diego.

The Bouncer Chair

This chair was a hand-me down, which has become one of Haley's favorites.  She loves to sit in it A. because it vibrates and B. because she gets to listen to music with her Dad.  This chair is used for Dad and Haley time.  Oh ya, did I mention she loves her bird?

The Jenny Jump-Up

So this is a pretty cool thing.  She gets to learn how to use her legs.  She can spend up to 20 minutes in it before she tires out.  She will jump herself over to the door and scratch it with her nails, she likes the sounds it makes!  She does a bit of chewing on it too!

Baby Tad

This is Haley with her friend Tad.  He sings and plays music.  He also talks to Haley about her feet and hands.  He is pretty cute and Haley really enjoys learning with him!