Wow, I have really neglected to update this, sorry folks.  We have had a busy couple months.  We moved into a really cool house, in a neighborhood where everyone likes each other.  We have sidewalks, which makes it nice to take Haley on walks in her stroller over to the playground.  Still moving things around, I really need to get Haley's room put back together.  All in time I guess.  Haley and I took a trip to San Diego at the beginning of June.  We had so much fun.  GPa Sing took us shopping and to the Aquarium.  We also met with some other moms who live in San Diego with their babies at the Zoo.  We stayed on the boat a couple nights and had some friends and family over to hang out with Haley.  The last weekend we were there, we had a couple family parties.  It was a great trip and can't wait to go back.  Haley loves to see her friends and family in San Diego.  Haley has just been doing so great.  She is seriously the happiest child in the world, she is such a joy to be around and she makes me proud to be her mama!  She talks up a storm, saying Mamamama, Dadada, Wow, Oh and Nanana, which I think is No cause she says it when she is ready for a nap.  She shakes her head back and forth and dances, also she "sings" along when she likes a song.  She is really into music, she and dada take an hour a day and listen to music and dance.  She is still nursing, we are going for a year, but we have also been doing solids twice a day.  I make all her food, today we had plums with some yogurt and cereal.  I am trying to get more creative with her foods, like lentils and carrots, or potatos and peas.  She seems to eat it up, still haven't gone back to greenbeans, I guess I should try those again this week.   She is moving around fast these days, no full on crawling, but she is army crawling, for the most part she rolls everywhere.  She can roll faster than crawling, so she prefers rolling.  We are having visitors this week, Will's Mom Anne and brother Dave are coming for a few days over the 4th of July.  Fireworks aren't illegal here so we already have a stash to lite for the weekends festivities.  Hoping Haley likes all the lights and doesn't get scared of the loud bangs, she isn't afraid of thunder, so hoping the fireworks don't bother her.  I'll make sure to take lots of pictures, I am always good for new pics!



G-pa Sing

Mon, 29 Jun 2009 20:09:32

enjoyed reading the update... can't wait till our next visit!


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    My name is Christen, mom to Haley and wife to Will.  I am so thankful for my family, they are everything to me.  Being a mom is more wonderful than I ever imagined.  Enjoy the updates.


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