Wow, so I am a little behind, about a week.  We have been doing well.  Haley cut her first tooth, Yay!  But now she seems to be having trouble with the one beside it coming in, hopefully it pops through in a couple days cause she has been so sad.  This too shall pass though.  She is getting so big, mainly just tall, I think she has grown another couple inches since her 4 month checkup.  I guess we will find out in less than 2 weeks when she goes for her 6 month well baby checkup.  Wow 6 months, how time flies, especially when you are having fun.   The weather has been on and off, rainy than hot, then back to rainy.  So I tried really hard to get a good picture of Haley's tooth, but it was hard so I hope the one I have is clear enough, just make sure you click on it to enlarge it.



Grand DA

Fri, 03 Apr 2009 17:07:09

Yee Ha! Teeth! Keep 'em comming HR and help make breast feeding a memorable experience for your Mom. Looking forard to seeing those toofers up close and personal very soon.

Your Grand DA


grandma carnahan-burger

Fri, 03 Apr 2009 17:47:46

What a lovey. That tooth looks really straight! Snuggles, Grandma


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