Today was a good day.  We stayed inside mostly since it was rainy.  Read some books, played, and Haley did a whole lot of talking and laughing.  Got an email from G-Pa Sing saying Haley was getting her big girl seat.  It is such a wonderful, unexpected and very needed gift.  She is very close to not fitting in her infant seat.  Looks like we get to save our pennies for other things.  Thank you again Dad. 

5 Months 1 Week 03/24/2009

So let's see, Sunday was a nice day.  We decided to drive to Myrtle Beach and have brunch at The House Of Blues.  They have this great live band and good eats!  Haley loved listening to the music.  She sat in her high chair like a big girl.  It is so much fun to see her sit up in a chair like that.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was a nice day.

Monday we did a Costco run, boring I know...LOL  We did go window shopping for Haley's new carseat.  She sat in a couple of different ones at Toys R Us's Baby section.  She seemed to like the Graco Nautilus Mariposa one the best, so we will be saving our pennies for the next month since she is like an inch away from growing out of her infant car seat.  Man she is so big, and growing up so fast!  It will be a fun day when we can transition her into the big girl seat!

Today was a stay at home day. laundry, play with Haley, read books kind of day.  It was a bit cold again and windy, so we went for only one walk around the yard today.  Haley loves the outdoors.


So I have been really slack on keeping up with this, and I appologize.  We have been rather busy the last couple days.  Haley is doing great.  Yesterday we went to the doctor and Haley is doing wonderfully, she weighs 16lbs 12oz.  Today we went down to the Riverwalk and saw a Tall Ship called Peacemaker from Georgia.   We ate lunch at The George, it was a really nice day for an outing.  We had Grandpa "Grumpy" Kiefaber, Ginny, and Great-Grandma Kiefaber come for a visit this afternoon.  We went to dinner at the Port City Chop House, the dinner and conversation was great, however Haley was tired and not happy.  She has a hard time getting out of routine.  All in all it was a great visit though. 

5 Months 2 Days 03/18/2009

So we just had the best day, the weather was great, we spent most of it outside.  You can see our day in pictures under A Day in the Sun.  Haley loves being outside and gets upset if she is cooped up in the house for too long.  I am very happy about that.

5 Months 03/17/2009

So we have missed a couple days.  Website was down yesterday, so today I am playing catch up.  First things first, Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone!  The weekend was nice.  We had a great visit with Grandma Kiefaber.  On Sunday we ate at Red Robbin and Haley got to sit in a high chair for the first time.  I am so bummed I didn't have my camera cause she loved sitting in it and being up at the table like a big girl.  She laughed the entire time we were there.  We bought this great cover for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs, which keeps all the germs from the child before her off of her.  Plus it gives her extra cushion from the hard surfaces. 

Yesterday was yucky outside, so needless to say we stayed inside and had a pretty uneventful day.  Haley is having trouble sleeping, mainly because her poor teeth will just not come through.  This too shall pass though.

Today we are having a great day.  Haley is 5 months already, and growing like a weed.  We are having a good time in our green are on the Holidays page.


We have been having a nice visit with Grandma Kiefaber.  Today we drove around town and looked at houses.  We had lunch at The Pilot House which is on the Riverfront.  Our food was delicious especially the Carolina Bisque.  It is really yucky outside so we are just spending time in the house, hanging out and talking.

Haley went to bed tonight without much fuss, she had a long day and was ready to sleep.  We had tacos for dinner and they were delicious.  Haven't had tacos in a long time.  It was definitely a nice homecooked meal.


Today is starting off to be a pretty good one.  Haley has been enjoying some Dad time this morning, which is nice, for them and me!  We are waiting for Grandma Kiefaber to show up today.  She will be staying with us till Sunday.  It should be a really nice visit.

Haley went to bed at her normal time of 8pm, but woke up at 11:30pm to eat.  She never does that, but I think she night be having a growth spurt.  She finally went back to sleep at 1am and slept till 9am.


Yesterday was a fun day.  We decided to keep enjoying this nice 80 degree weather, so we gave Haley a bath outside.  She doesn't usually take a bath, but with the way the weather was, we just couldn't resist.  We also took a walk around the yard, and are thinking about getting a small inflatable pool to splash around in, but I think we will wait until after the rain we are going to have the next 4 days.

Today is a bit cooler out, the sun isn't really shining.  We are having a cleaning day today and getting ready for our visit with Grandma Kiefaber.  We are very excited to spend the next few days with her.  Haley is taking her morning nap, and so far today has been great. 

Cleaned the house today, so it wasn't very eventful.  We did have a visit from our friend Matt from Charlotte, NC.  It was fun catching up and having him meet Haley.  Haley had a good day.  She wanted to be very independent for most of it.  She spent a lot of alone time talking and giggling to herself in her crib.  It is fun watching her do that, she makes these great expressions.  She did have a rough time getting to bed tonight though, but now she is sound asleep dreaming, as I should be.


So I missed posting yesterday.  We had a good one.  We spent a lot of time outdoors, it was beautiful.  We danced and sang to some Fleetwood Mac, she likes them a lot.  Went to the Grocery Store finally, so now the cupboard and fridge are full.

Today Haley woke up at 8am again, it seems this is her new wake up time, no complaints here.  She wanted to play in her Jumperoo after she ate, she was in there for about an hour, she loves that thing.  We decided to dance around again before her nap, which she is now waking up from. 

We decided to go to our friend Kevin's for a BBQ and conversation.  We had a good time out in the sunshine.  Came home and had a rough go again at getting to sleep.  This teething stuff stinks, poor girl.


Haley woke up late today, she was up at 8am, so we got to sleep in a little, which was nice.  Guess hanging out outside in the nice warm weather and going to Jenn's wore her out yesterday.  It is nice outside again this morning so we went on a walk and spent some time in the backyard.  I am so happy it is warming up.  Haley loves the outdoors, so now we can do more outside!  Maybe the park is in order after her nap.

We all, including Dixie, decided to go on a drive with the windows down.  It was nice to get out of the house and Haley got to watch the world around her.

We came back home after stopping by the Pet Store to see the kitties.  Haley had a rough go at getting to bed, I think the time change affected her, but she finally went down.



    My name is Christen, mom to Haley and wife to Will.  I am so thankful for my family, they are everything to me.  Being a mom is more wonderful than I ever imagined.  Enjoy the updates.


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